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Job Positions

Job Depot Canada Inc. specialises in temporary, permanent or contract – hire the Light and Heavy Industrial requirements.


Job Depot Canada Inc. has strong collaborations with the companies from the various industries in need of manpower.



Logistics Industries

Job Depot has excelled in serving many difficult positions in Logistics Companies. We at Job depot helps in providing employees involved in planning, implementing and controlling the movement and storage of goods, information or services within a supply chain. Means of transportations used by Logistics Companies are air, rail, road and sea for the delivery of a shipment/goods. Job Depot serves all sectors for Logistics industries.

Positions That Job Depot Canada Inc.serves in Logistics & Manufacturing Sector



Manufacturing Industries

Job Depot offers employment to one the most influential sectors in business. Manufacturing Companies being a vast sector of employment covers so many employment, Job Depot serves every general to skilled labour in the manufacturing industry. Job Depot Canada Inc. provides skilled Employees as per client needs. We are serving all permanent and temporary positions for them successfully from past many years.
Job Depot Canada Inc. fulfills such client’s need for temp-hire, contractual, permanent or season based opportunities. For the past many years Wohlers Canada Inc. and Vac Aero International Inc. are partnered with Job Depot Canada Inc. for all their employment support for requirements such as

Food & Beverage


When a Food and Beverage company feels the pressure of delivering or packing or managing the warehouse activities, Job Depot Canada Inc. is there to help. Ontario Food Terminal being one of Job Depot Canada Inc. partners, is in the distribution of Fruits and Vegetables where they need the employees on Temporary or Temporary – hire or Permanent employments for the below positions
Breadko Bakery is one of Job Depot Canada Inc.’s clients where the success rate of placement is pretty decent for all types of employees such as
Job Depot Canada Inc. has proven records in giving employment in the food and beverages industry. Get in Touch


Retail industries are very selective in hiring a staffing agency. Even though you are a small set- up or large in the retail industry, let Job Depot Canada Inc. take care of your staffing needs of temporary, permanent or long term contracts.


Organisations specializing in construction, transportation, and environmental services are in high need for professional engineers and consultants. Job Depot Canada Inc. has been serving Garage Living as one of our clients in the engineering industry, that gave Job Depot Canada Inc. an opportunity to spread its wings in placing qualified Engineers and Technicians as per their needs for

Iscoca Ltd, a leading electrical engineering services contractor in Canada is one of our old
clients. Job Depot Canada Inc. has been serving them for all their employment requirements.


Job Depot has served many leading cafes in the Hospitality business. So far we have successfully employed the following positions for our clients:
Job Depot Canada Inc. serves the need for all:
Job Depot Canada Inc. delivers every type of staff like cafeteria staff, cashiers, customer service representatives, dishwashers, caregivers.


The automotive industry being a large scale business involves huge production for the design, development, manufacturing, marketing, and selling of motor vehicles.Such huge productions demand labourers and workers on large scale. You can contact Job Depot Canada to serve your requirements. OAK Group Automotive Corporation, one of the largest groups in the Automotive industry is one of the pride employment partners of Job Depot Canada Inc. Some of the most common employment positions are:

Types of Employments Job Depot Canada Provide


Regardless of whether you need an experienced tester for a one-day project or multiple bilingual delegates for your new set up. Job Depot Canada Inc. can give you the much needed resources. Our team of professionals will help you to expand the adaptability to whether occasional highs and lows or serve in your crucial situation.


In the present commercial center it is a higher priority than any time in recent memory to have the correct ability in your group. However, finding the correct candidate for a stable situation, from sourcing resumes to distinguishing quality candidates, is tedious and conceivably exorbitant. Job Depot Canada Inc. has demonstrated mastery in enlisting, evaluating and qualifying Candidates for perpetual openings. Our cycle conveys hands on progress as long as possible.

Contract to Permanent:

Job Depot Canada Inc.’s agreement to-perpetual arrangement let customers increase direct involvement in potential full-time recruits to all the more likely survey their expertise, abilities and fit prior to settling on the duty to an employing choice. Along with the condition of completing 560 hours with Job Depot Canada Inc..

Positions That Job Depot Canada Inc.serves in Logistics & Manufacturing Sector

Process we follow: