About Us

About Us

In the past decade, Job Depot has helped people with employment to enhance their lives with utmost devotion and steadfastness. Job Depot Canada Inc. guarantees the best market competitive rates in the GTA. As an organization Job Depot Canada Inc. believes in 100% support to all the applicants with complete client satisfaction. Job Depot Canada Inc. provides employment services for temporary, temp-hire, long term and full-time placements.


As standing on the global platform of work today. Some fundamental beliefs and behaviors influence and guide us to make the right decisions, we pivot our actions and together we merge to become one company. Job Depot Canada’s vision is to inspire the way we interconnect, generate, and deliver on to our committed clients, job seekers, and ourselves.


Our mission

Our mission is to serve with the possibility of creation and deliver the most innovative human resource solutions and enable our clients to win in this challenging world of work.


Job Depot is very transparent with their process and are flexible enough to mould as per the need of the time. This helps job Depot in attaining their goals. We actively listen to the demands of the clients and act upon that information accordingly which helps strengthen our relationships, enable better solutions and services. We are keen to adopt and develop the best practices for better results worldwide.


We lead the work world. We encourage innovation, to explore and progress in the world of work. We continuously initiate new and better techniques for doing things. We prosper on our mission and values, which assist in the pace of response by taking chances and know that we may not always be successful but never disclosing information of our clients.

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Are you a job seeker as a warehouse professional? Job Depot Canada Inc.  is here to help you find the right job at the market competitive rate. Job Depot Canada Inc. is the most professional organization you will find in the Greater Toronto Area specializing in all the labor category jobs. What are you waiting for? Click and apply.


Job Depot Canada Inc. is a well-established organization with a decent turn-over. Job Depot Canada Inc. has a high achievement award enclosure of the requirements in the Labour category anywhere in and around the Greater Toronto Area. For more information and Collaboration, details drop an Email or directly Call us or 905-232-5627



Workforce Heterogeneity

Job Depot Canada Inc. and all its subdivisions have an unbiased policy for equal employment opportunities for all individuals regardless of their race, sex, color, nationality, origin, religion, age, disability, or any other discrmination form.


Job Depot Canada Inc. has been awarded with multiple awards in the industry for overall performance making it an elite partner to over 97 MSPs and 20 direct clients. Being the preferred vendors to the majority of our business partners is one of the biggest achievements of JDCI.

Company Work Culture

Job Depot Canada Inc. gives equal importance to work and families and it does to the environment. We promise our employees the best quality of life with a stress free work environment. At Job Depot, teamwork is highly promoted. Employees are given a non-autocratic work-place. For this reason all the employees here work well with others, listen to others’ ideas and share responsibilities. Job Depot Canada Inc. has an equal treatment policy for all employees with respect, irrespective of their position in the organization and expect the same between the co-workers.